Amber has worked with several of our horses from our yearling colt, 3 yr old mare and our 5 year old gelding (and several more horses in the upcoming months)! All have returned happy, confident and better than ever! We have enjoyed Amber’s professionalism, knowledge and love of horses. She is passionate about what she does and it shows!!!

Kim Sundles

I have had the pleasure of watching Amber train horses several times now and I can say from what I have seen, she is a real horse trainer who keeps the animal’s best interest at heart. The progress I have seen horses make in a month’s time under Amber's training, to say I was impressed would be an understatement. Not all horses would make the same amount of improvement that I have seen in that amount of time. But the improvement I did see clearly spoke to Amber's training, skill, experience, and innate ability as a trainer. Anyone can say they are a horse trainer. But few are actually trainers and even fewer are any good at training horses. To many just try to beat the horse into submitting to their will and do a lot of damage in the process. This opinion comes from 40 over years of riding and OWNING horses myself and watch to many of these amazing creatures be turned into basket cases with serious problems. Amber knows how to train a horse. If you want someone that will recognize you and/or your horse’s strengths and work to improve on the weak points, Wagoner Training is where you want to go.

Joe Orchard

eight years ago, I contacted Amber. I was over 60, had lost my confidence, with 2 very green mares. She worked with the girls and mostly with me. I enjoy riding even more than I did. I would contact Amber for horse or rider, she is outstanding with both. I'm very thankful for Amber's help

Joseph Fowells

If you need one started, rode or tuned up give Amber a try you will not be disappointed!

Chance Bernall

Amber has been giving riding lessons to my 6 year old daughter for about 6 months now. She is so good with her and is very knowledgeable. I have seen a night and day difference in my daughters confidence on and around horses. She takes proper precautions and helps them to learn to safely work with the horse. She doesn’t just throw her on a horse and goes for it. She helps them to learn parts of saddle, parts of horse and so much more. She truly goes above and beyond. She also helped us in finding a good kids horse. The one she found is so perfect! She truly goes the extra mile. She has a 5 star rating from us!
We love Miss Amber!

Chantel Staley

I’ve known Amber for over 10 years and watched her share her knowledge and a ton of time with youth in Dillon. Amber enjoys her profession and it shows, she is the best. My 5 year old daughter can’t wait to go to her next lesson, and not only has improved on her riding, but has been taught how to take care of her tack, and care for her horse. Amber has trained many mules for me and is someone I can always trust to be fair and do the right thing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amber to anyone, she is one of a kind.

Kevin Button

Amber is always here to help. Purchased a nice mare and so far so good. Appreciate the fact that she is willing to help after the sale. Honest and hard working gal.

Keeley Fitzgerald

I recently purchased a young mare from Amber. She has done great with her new job. Amber is a great trainer and I appreciate that she continues to follow up with the progress the mare is making.

JM Peck

Amber does a phenomenal job training her mules and horses. We purchased a mare from Amber three years ago for our 7 year old. This mare has been an outstanding addition to our barn! Not only does she take care of our son as he learns to rope and ride but my husband and I can use her to work off of also. Miss Moo is also the horse we put green riders on, she takes care of them without taking advantage of them. This mare has been well trained! Amber is patient, thorough, and goes the extra mile to make sure her clients achieve a successful partnership with their mounts. We are forever grateful to Amber. Looking forward to purchasing a mule for our daughter next!

Dina DePianto Swisher


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