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What we do

Helping you build partnership or find a partnership

Kids Camps- This unique opportunity to send your child to clinic like no other. They will learn groundwork, safety, equitation, basic cow work, basic roping, and rounded out with a Schooling Show. 

Clinics - Amber Wagoner has hosted Clinics over the years with Great Horseman.  Along with providing clinics herself for 4-H kids and adults. Topics covered, Horsemanship, Mulemanship, Show Prep for Working Cow Horse, Cow Horse, Colt Starting, Equitation, and the list goes on.

Young Trainer Coaching and Internships 

Exposure - I believe that the horse and mules best chance at success is to expose them to as much as possible. We don't only ride in arena or on the trail, we go move cattle, climb mountains with pack stings, and work on exercises to make them supple and responsive but not scared.

Leg em' up - with access to miles of public lands right out my back gate, it is perfect to leg up that fuzzy and plump trail or ranch partner of yours.

Mule training involves an understanding of your Mule natural instinct and individual personality. My techniques will lay the foundation for your mule to learn and understand, and for you to build upon. I combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your mule. 


“We create our tomorrows by what we dream today”


Unknown Author

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